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This page is provided for information purposes only. The SEO Company Melbourne site is for those interested in SEO services and learning more to enable them to select an appropriate SEO provider.

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Online Connections is an IT consulting business in Melbourne. We're not a specialist SEO company in Melbourne. We only assist and guide existing clients with their SEO requirements if requested. We're happy to use the same SEO skills we use very successfully for ourselves to assist our clients. The SEO Company Melbourne site provides information you can use to avoid the less reputable SEO companies. Oh, and remember, you found this site using Google so you know the techniques work.

SEO has a bad name, a really bad name.

First let's look at the problem. Many businesses and individuals promoting themselves as SEO consultants and SEO companies are today's snake oil salesmen. The scammers know they are, but often SEO consultants and companies themselves don't even realise that they too are. The SEO company may honestly believe they're bringing value to a client but in reality they aren't.

I've seen many SEO consultants and SEO companies promote how good they are, even sharing that they've achieved a first page presence for a client, even in the top three (which probably means third position), but even they don't realise that for the keywords chosen, there is very little real value for the customer. The cost of their services would outweigh the benefit. In other words the customer is not getting value for money and the SEO company or consulting gains at the expense of the client.

Now you're not going to like the answer as to who's to blame, but if you don't take the right precautions as I outline on the SEO Company Melbourne site, then ultimately you are. With SEO it really is a matter of buyer beware. No matter which SEO company in Melbourne you use for your SEO, whatever you do, use our approach to lock down the deliverable from any SEO company or SEO consultant you hire. Using an SEO company or SEO consultant is not rocket science. The SEO company or consultant either achieves your agreed result or they don't. If they don't achieve the agreed result, why should you pay for something that hasn't been delivered. You wouldn't pay for car if it wasn't delivered, so why pay for SEO if the agreed result hasn't been achieved.

SEO does one thing and one thing only. SEO if it works improves your position in Google for selected keywords. You'll see people who wrap all soughts of marketing and conversion information into their spiel, but ultimately SEO is Search Engine Optimisation. What you need to do to optimise your chances of being seen in Google. That's where you should focus. All the rest is important, but if you aren't in a high position in Google the rest doesn't matter.

The beauty is Google provides all the information your need and the SEO Company Melbourne site provides the knowledge and a way to estimate the value to your business.

You can check Google yourself and see where you are currently positioned and then after an agreed time, check again to see if you've reached the agreed position or better in Google. Measure before, measure after, it couldn't be easier. However just because you've improved your position in Google does not mean it has sufficient value to pay for the services of the SEO consultant. You also need to know the value of the position in Google to your business for the selected keywords.

Not all keywords have value

Some SEO companies and SEO consultants trick businesses by optimising for easy keywords that don't offer much value to the business. Don't just go with the keywords your SEO company or SEO consultant suggests, make sure they have real value to you. There's really no value in a keyword if no one is searching for it. Google provides the ability to see how many people are searching for a keyword or phrase each month. If you know the position in Google, the number of searches for a keyword, and the value of a customer to your business, you can estimate the value to your business, for your position in Google for your list of keywords.

SEO Value Calculator

The Search Engine Optimisation Value Calculator is a tool I've written to provide an estimated dollar value for keywords based on a position in Google search results, volume of searches and customer value. Now you can work out an estimated value of the SEO results to your business. A link to the SEO Value Calculator is in the menu above. For those who prefer a more visual explanation click on the image of the video below.

SEO Company Melbourne

The mistakes people make with SEO:

  • They don't have a clue what their SEO company or SEO consultant does.
  • They don't agree to a measurable outcome.
  • They pay in advance of achieving a result, or in fact having achieved anything.
  • They keep paying month after month when nothing is actually being done.
  • They simply write off the money and put it down to experience.
  • They think SEO is pointless when in actual fact it is very important and can help achieve a better position in Google.
  • They haven't read this site first.

What you really should do to enjoy the wonders of SEO:

  • Determine a range of 8-12 keywords or key phrases with your consultant.
  • Determine an estimated value for the keywords before SEO starts.
  • Agree to a set time period. A good time period is around three months.
  • Determine at the end of the time period the value of the position of keywords.
  • Subtract the start value from the end value to see if the SEO company or SEO consultant has achieved the agreed change in value.
  • If the agree value has been achieved, pay the bill. If the agreed value hasn't been achieved the agreement should mean no payment is required.
  • Don't extend the period past three months. The SEO company or SEO consultant either achieves the result or they don't.
  • Don't believe SEO company or SEO consultants who say it takes months to see a result. In the SEO I've performed there's been a measurable effect often within a matter of days and the effect grows over time. The end result may take months but you should see small noticeable changes quite quickly. Do monitor your site statistics so you know the SEO company or SEO consultant is making a positive difference.

Now you know what to do and how you can do it, you should never be ripped off by an unscrupulous SEO company or SEO consultant. The good SEO companies and SEO consultants will increase the value of your presence on the internet. If you don't lock down the SEO company or SEO consultant in the above way, then you now only have yourself to blame.

As a parting tip on using an SEO company or SEO consultant, do think about the country they're located in. Google displays results tailored to the country (even state and city) and part of getting a good presence for many wanting a presence in their country, may benefit from a local SEO company or SEO consultant. Using an overseas based SEO company or SEO consultant may be appropriate in some cases, but it may be a mistake in others.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site.


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