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After a long career in digital marketing, having worked with thousands of businesses in hundreds of different industries, it became very clear what was missing in the market and why it was so important we created our own agency!

Speaking with different business owners every day, we heard the exact same feedback time and time again. The keywords weren’t generating their business leads and sales at a profitable rate, they wanted more visibility as to what we were doing, the contracts were concerning to them and when will they get results!?

When we founded SEO Company Melbourne, we kept this in mind and we are determined to have the most transparent, high-quality agency that guarantees results on every campaign, offers 24/7 reporting, has an ROI first focus and no lock-in contracts!

If there are any other concerns you have about taking the next step with SEO Company Melbourne or any other frustrations with your current agency, don’t hesitate to reach out below and have a chat with one of our SEO specialists!


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No Long-Term Lock In Contracts

We’re so confident you will love working with us, we don’t feel the need to lock you into a long-term contract!

Real-Time Reporting

Unlike other agencies who leave you wondering what is happening on your campaign and send you a report once a month. With SEO Company Melbourne, you will have 24/7 access to the best real-time reporting software available so you know EXACTLY how your campaign is performing.

Guaranteed Results

We don’t just tell you what we think we can achieve for your campaign. We Guarantee it! We write guaranteed results into our contracts, if we don’t achieve what we say we will, we don’t get paid until we do!

Current Ground Breaking Strategies

So many other agencies rely on outdated SEO strategies and get complacent with what has worked in the past. At SEO Company Melbourne, we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the latest best practices and are constantly innovating to keep ahead of the competition!

Regular Contact

We hear time and time again that people are sick of only hearing from their agency when their bill is due. At SEO Company Melbourne, if you haven’t heard from us in a month, you get the next month FREE!

ROI Focussed Campaigns

We are hell-bent on generating a positive ROI for all of our clients. We know you don’t care about your CTR or ranking movement. We have the same goal you do, to generate a positive return on investment from every campaign!

Just one of many examples of what we have achieved for local businesses!

Alert Alarms Australia SEO Case Study

When we first started working on Alert Alarms Australia’s website, they were indexed for 0 keywords on Google. If you Googled “Alert Alarms Australia”, you were unable to find the website!

Since coming on board with SEO Company Melbourne in February, there has been month on month growth in every respect! Rankings, traffic and revenue!

Currently, we have achieved over 50 keywords on page one, almost 7,000 positions of positive movement, over 500% growth in revenue and month on month improvements in organic traffic!

We have increased the annual revenue of this business by 6 figures in only 6 months!

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